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Specialized in training, capacity building of people, and Educational Services

The close cooperation between Ta3leem and ministries of education, higher education and scientific research, and governmental institutions, as well as the strategic partnership with the private sector makes it qualified to be as an integral part of the educational system, and capable of taking lead towards development and innovation.

Ta3leem Platform

Ta3leem is a unique innovative learning platform dedicated to meet the needs of school education for all age groups and educational level. We believe that education should be accessible for all, and we striving to offer active and interesting learning opportunity through an innovative and easy platform.

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Live Lessons and Training

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Our Solutions

Mixed with the modern technical and creative character, Ta3leem has offered many educational and training solutions. The most important are:

  • Ta3leem platform for the massive open online learning courses.
  • Ta3leem Advance platform for career and technical development and capacity building.
  • Ta3leem school management system.
  • Ta3leem university management system.
  • Ta3leem protected exam platform.

Our Services

Educational Content Development

We develop a comprehensive and innovative learning contents that covers various education sectors. Also, we offer well-designed lessons according to the global standars using active educational methods.

Audio Recording and Audio Commentary

Our professional team offers high quality audio recording and professional comentray services that support the quality and understanding of the content.

Leadership Development Programs

Offer training programs to develope the leadership and management skills for leaders and managers

Corporate Training Program

We design and present training programs to meet the companies needs and develop the skills of their employees in technical fields, leadership, management, and others

Performance Evaluation and Analytical Reports

We provide Performance evaluation services and needs analysis to identify the training needs of trainees to be improved

Team Building and Development

Deliver trainings to improve interaction and cooperation between teams, and enhance teams' skills

Our Teams

Review and Supervision team

The role of the company's review and supervision team is to ensure compliance with standards and policies and ensure that operations are implemented correctly and effectively. The review and supervision team also makes recommendations to improve operations and enhance efficiency.

Human Resources team

The role of the Human Resources team is to recruit and select employees, develop them, manage employee relations, administer wages and benefits, and ensure compliance with policies and laws.

Information Technology team

The IT team is responsible for a range of tasks related to programming, platform management, and supporting other teams. This includes creating platforms, redesigning and publishing a new version of the Ta3leem website.

Human Resources team

The role of the Human Resources team is to recruit and select employees, develop them, manage employee relations, administer wages and benefits, and ensure compliance with policies and laws.

Editing team

The editing department is the department responsible for editing and arranging the footage sequentially, with the aim of clearly conveying the message of the lessons. The department's work includes adding and moving graphics of the material to highlight and illustrate key points visually.

Marketing team

The role of the marketing team in the company is to analyze the market, develop marketing strategies, implement marketing campaigns, and measure and analyze the performance of campaigns to increase sales and enhance brand awareness.

Team of assistant professors

Analyzing, studying, dividing educational curricula and determining ways to present them to learners. They also design the curricula or files presented by the professors during the lectures, and follow the process of filming the lectures in the company and editing the sent videos.

Business Development team

The role of the company's business development department is to achieve growth and expand the company's scope by exploring and exploiting new business opportunities and developing strategies to increase revenues and achieve greater commercial success.

Public relations team

The Public Relations Department manages and coordinates relations between institutions, the public, and external parties. His role includes media outreach, managing relationships between Taaleem and external companies, organizing events, crisis management and negative public relations.

Sales team

The sales department sells the company's products or services to customers. Analyzes the market, develops sales strategies, builds customer relationships, and makes sales./p>

Digital graphics team

The digital graphics team or creative team is responsible for creating all digital graphics within the company. This includes creating all digitally illustrated lessons for the primary education levels. The team also creates graphics and shapes for social sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Our Vision

Provide flexible learning platforms that suit the different orientations of students and learners.

Provide technical and working teams to offer continuous support to learners.

Integrate learning and training with technology to offer and innovative digital learning experience.

Enrich learning and training through use of virtual and augmented reality, and smart evaluation tools.

Offer distinguished and high-quality learning content that covers many sectors.

Present an inspiring and fun learning experience to sensitize students to keep their learning.

Our Partners