Ta3leem School Management System

Ta3leem Company has designed an application that works as an effective link between the school and the student, and between the school and the parents. He works to complete a number of important operations that facilitate the school’s work, and provides it with a data system that archives its administrative records, and creates a database for each student that accompanies him throughout his academic career.

Points of the Ta3leem School Management System

Download digital curricula and books and make them accessible to everyone

Create attendance and absence records by date and time, and archive them.

Calculating the tuition fees paid and due to students and archiving them in the schools’ records Eligibility

Registering and transferring students to classes

Communicating with both students and members The school administration

Publish and archive results and grades

Sending important alerts and notifications To the students and administration

Creating proctored exams using technologies artificial intelligence

Follow up on the performance of duties and tasks, and verification Of achieving it

Communicating with parents to enhance follow-up of students and their academic levels

Participation in student activities and events At school

Create exam schedules specified by time and date

Beneficiaries of the application


Who represents the school principal or whomever he delegates with all powers in managing the school’s affairs and reviewing all its details. We find on his dashboard the number of classes, the numbers of teachers, students, and parents, in addition to a summary of the value of the paid bills and the bills due (for private schools).


He has side-specific powers Educational and subject matter management Only his own, and that's why we find in The professor's control panel is listed Special events and news With teachers in addition to links Quick access to the material Its coursework and calendar School and opinion polls.


The student can access his list of news and events, as well as incoming messages, in addition to attendance and absence schedules, daily duties, the school calendar, subjects, tests, and opinion polls, as well as the bills resulting from him.


The guardian has all the powers to follow up on the children’s news in terms of academic, educational, and financial aspects. We find that the parents' control panel shows the value of bills due and paid, and a list of news and events for parents

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