Ta3leem University Management System

In the “Ta3leem for University Resource Management” platform, we seek to contribute to the process of digitizing traditional systems in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as we provide solutions for the automation of administrative and educational systems and enterprise resource planning (SIS, LMS, ERP) in universities and institutes to support the direction of those institutions in moving up the ladder. Local and global classification. These solutions will also be compatible with the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in comprehensive digital transformation in all its aspects

What is Ta3leem platform for university management?

Portals for teachers and students

Financial and payroll management system

Human resources management system

Content management system and large courses

Examination committee system

Self-monitoring and evaluation testing system

Learning management system

Student information management system

Communication and data analysis platforms

Academic evaluation and follow-up system

What are the most prominent features of Ta3leem platform for managing university resources?

Alignment of goals and needs

The Ta3leem platform is distinguished by being consistent with the university’s goals, academic and administrative needs, and meeting its challenges and aspirations.

Ease of use and good experience

The system interface is easy to use, as all users at different levels can interact with it easily and conveniently

Component integration

The system components work together smoothly and harmoniously, facilitating the process of exchanging information and data between them

Data reliability and security

The Ta3leem platform for managing university resources is characterized by providing good protection for personal, academic and administrative data and ensuring the provision of backup copies of data to prevent loss.

Providing technical support and training

Ta3leem provides continuous technical support to users in addition to providing the necessary training to faculty members and administrators to ensure effective and optimal use of the platform

Achieving automation and facilitation

The Ta3leem platform works to reduce manual processes by automating a wide range of processes such as student registration, distribution of study materials and examination system.

Supporting innovation and continuous development

The Ta3leem platform is characterized by flexibility, scalability and development to meet changing future needs

Mobile applications

The platform provides its own applications that work on mobile phones to meet the needs of all users

Who are the beneficiaries of the Ta3leem platform for managing university resources?

Members of the teaching and administrative staff

  • Teachers can upload educational content Organizing lessons and tests.
  • It facilitates the submission of academic reports and the monitoring of student performance


  • It helps students access the content Educational and research resources with ease
  • Allows them to follow class schedules and register courses and follow up on their academic progress

University administration

  • It provides the administration with a comprehensive view of the university’s performance And academic and financial indicators.
  • Enables them to make constructively informed decisions Accurate reports and data.

Educational and supervisory

  • Educational bodies and institutions can Supervision follows the quality of education and evaluates performance.
  • Data can be used for continuous improvement And provide recommendations.

International students

  • It is easy for international students to communicate with the university Registering courses and applying for study programs.


  • Parents can monitor their children's progress Academic
  • Allows them to follow study schedules and announcements Important

The future outlook for an education platform for managing university resources

Expanding smart learning

Ta3leem seeks to integrate with global online learning platforms to provide diverse and open educational content to all students

Strengthening university effectiveness systems

Working to include an education platform for university effectiveness systems, whether at the level of academic accreditation, national classification, or planning Strategic and others

Measuring performance indicators and developing statistics

Enhancing the platform with various performance indicators at the university level Whether they are scientific research indicators, indicators of enhancing the university’s globalization, global indicators

Augmented and virtual reality technology in education

Education seeks in the future to use augmented reality and virtual reality to improve the educational experience and make difficult concepts are clearer

Integration with global online learning platforms

Ta3leem seeks to integrate with global online learning platforms to provide diverse and open educational content For all students