Ta3leem Proctored Exam Platform

An electronic testing platform : is a system that allows conducting tests over the internet Easily and Safely. It provides a flexible platform for preparing questions where it is given Feedback by creating analytical reports using existing units On artificial intelligence. In addition, it is an online testing system It provides a very high level of security for testing

Ta3leem features for Proctored Exam

Different types of questions With different difficulty levels

Timed tests

A secure browser for tests

Controlling the IP location (the address of the device used)

Manual and automatic evaluation

Controlling Multiple screens

Mixing questions and answers

Identity authentication by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Export answers to files PDF and Excel

Distinguish faces using Artificial Intelligence

Preparing Questions That Belong to a Specific Bank

Maximum number of attempts

From 1 Onwards According to the test Controls

Educational goals

Link the Question to an Educational Goal One of the Organization's Goals

Difficulty level

Differentiate the Question by Level Its Difficulty

the topic

Name of the Topics That This Question Belongs to it

The Chapter

The Name of the Class to Which it Belongs this question

Choose the Question Type

Correct choice, multiple choice, true and false, short answers, essay answers

Performing the Electronically Proctored Test

Time counter

There is a timer on the screen that shows the time remaining until the end of the test.

Calculating interruption time

In the event of an unintentional interruption, the counting stops based on the grace period for interruption established by the professor or the examination committee in Test settings.

Save and Send

The student can save his answers and postpone sending them until the end. He can also send them directly. The system also supports saving and sending answers. Automatic when time expires

Navigate through questions

The student can move through the questions if the professor allows it.

Random display of questions

For all students, at student level

Test pattern

Online and offline (it is possible to follow the test without the need for the Internet)