Ta3leem Launches The Focused Study Service For Sixth Grade Students

المراجعة الإلكترونية

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Ta3leem e-learning platform launched a free study service for Iraqi students of the sixth grade (biological and applied), to support the educational process in Iraq that was interrupted and changed due to the Coronavirus spread.

The focused study service provided by Ta3leem includes providing video lessons, written summaries, reviewing using simple questions to measure the level of comprehension, conducting ministerial question exercises and their solutions, for a group of subjects: Arabic, English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. The service will continue until the end of the ministerial examinations.

What is the e-learning platform?

Taaleem is an Iraqi e-learning platform that aims to give everyone the ability to easily and conveniently access educational content via the Internet, as well as improve primary, secondary, and university education, with the help of a large number of academics and professors from various disciplines.

The platform works in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Education and its other partners, to develop education in Iraq by relying on modern technologies, innovative, and by approved teaching methods that are used in international institutes and universities. In addition to providing training for teaching staff on how to apply the foundations of modern education in schools, institutes, and universities. As well as providing other services in the same sector.

The content management official in Ta3leem; Dr. Al-Khair Muhammad said: “Every segment of society has an important role to play at every crisis. At a time when medical staff are facing the rapid spread of the virus, and are keen on caring for patients, and all members of society are obliged to fight it through the application of social distancing; The educational staff must fulfill their duty towards society by providing solutions to overcome the obstacles created by the virus, and continuously develop the education sector.”

He added: “Ta3leem has created solutions to today’s challenges by providing an integrated e-learning platform that includes study materials for all levels. And it has also created an integrated educational system that will develop the educational process in Iraq, similar to what’s now being used in developed countries.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq witnessed during the year 2020 an outbreak of Coronavirus, which forced the Iraqi government to issue a series of decisions, that included closing all educational institutions to limit the spread of the virus. Therefore; An interactive e-learning platform that relies on modern technologies is highly needed and can be considered as the main pillar for students. Especially those who are about to take critical exams that will chart the course for their academic and then professional future.

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