Corona delays the teaching of more than a billion children .. and e-learning platforms offer radical solutions

الدراسة في ظل وجود فايروس كورونا

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The UNICEF report issued in November 2020 revealed that more than a billion children are at risk of falling behind due to school closures in 188 countries, in an effort to contain Coronavirus.
The UNICEF report indicated that the school closures prompted many governments to search for alternative solutions such as the Internet, television, and radio. Online platforms have been the most used medium by governments; to deliver education to schoolchildren during the pandemic, as 83 countries have adopted this method.
At a time when the Corona pandemic highlighted the extent to which governments and institutions are prepared to adapt to potential crises; It also shed light on technological solutions that would help people overcome any future crises.

A map of closed schools around the world during 2020 and after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, issued by the World Bank.

Technology; The first shield of humanity in dealing with crises

The UNICEF report showed that online education platforms were the most used by governments around the world to resume education while schools remained closed.
Although school closures due to the outbreak of the coronavirus were not the first of its kind, as this was preceded by the outbreak of Ebola virus and other flu strains; However, the closing period was shorter.
These historical facts pose a question that must be answered about the possibility of other global health crises, that may impose more restriction rolls on social distancing, or may last for a longer period of time. This requires finding innovative solutions to cope with potential crises.

There is no doubt that finding solutions for the education sector is at the forefront of the priorities of all societies. At a time when the scientist studies how to achieve flexibility in all areas and systems. It seems that the best flexible solutions in the field of education are e-learning schools, which 93 countries around the world have chosen to adopt even after the end of the coronavirus crisis, according to the UNICEF report, as they are the most appropriate method for various emergencies, including COVID-19.

Ta3leem: The most modern online platform in Iraq

At a time when the countries of the world are rushing to create advanced e-learning platforms that’s capable of providing high-quality educational content to all students. Iraqi students can rely on the newly established online learning platform Ta3leem to provide educational content to elementary, secondary, and university students. In addition to providing assistance to educational institutions to develop their teaching methods based on the latest technological methods.

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