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Who we are

Iraqi e-learning platform

Ta3leem is an Iraqi e-learning platform that aims to give everyone the ability to easily and conveniently access educational content via the Internet, as well as improving primary, secondary, and university education, with the help of a large number of academics and professors from various disciplines.

Trust Center

We are proud of our ongoing partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Education and Al-Nahrain University, & we seek to form long-term partnerships that include all reputable scientific institutions in Iraq, to provide a solid scientific platform for all Iraqi students.

what varies in Ta3leem?

We keen on creating unique learning experience

One Organized Online Portal ​

We help institutions in doing online exams, and maintain the integrity of academic exams through biometric authentication for students.

Change starts from you

We in Ta3leem help educational institutions and its staff to change teaching methods by adopting the most modern ones, which would achieve the highest levels of understanding among students, using modern technology.

Our services

what can we do for you?


We offer educational content for primary, secondary, and university students.


Providing training for teaching on how to implement modern education.


We help in implement online exams and maintain the integrity of academic exams.